On-line Giving

Giving Electronically with Venmo

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a secure and super useful service for collecting money and paying others all from your computer or smartphone. It’s just like PAYPAL, but unlike PayPal you can give money from your bank checking/saving account without any service fees, the best part is that it’s FREE. However, if you choose to give via credit card they ask for 3% service free.

How to give with Venmo?

1. Setup an Account for yourself

– Find/download the Venmo App.

– To set up you’ll  need: email address, cell/mobile phone (to receive text messages), Checking/Savings account Routing and account number (or Credit Card details).

– Click on this link to signup, https://venmo.com/signup/start?email=&invite_code=opensignups  

2. Make your contribution

– Make sure you add a bank account, as this is how Venmo will draw from. Here’s a link to help you: https://help.venmo.com/customer/portal/articles/13757-adding-and-verifying-a-bank-account

– After adding an account, To give to The Brattleboro Church of Christ, you need to add us as a friend. On the top search bar that says “Search people or payments” write “BCOC Brattleboro”. You should see the building as the profile picture.

– Next, click the Button on the right “Add Friend”.

– Then click the button “Pay”.

– Enter amount and a comment such as “Tithe”. If you want to include money for the Pantry, Zimbabwe, and/or Gerardo, please note that in the comment.

– Venmo will ask you if you want to post your transactions publicly on Facebook or Twitter and you can just choose not to by unchecking all the boxes. It’s a promoting strategy they have for themselves.

Thank You!